Virtual CEO Group Coaching 


A strategic coaching program made for ambitious entrepreneurs in the hair and beauty industry. 
Are you tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure how to take your business to the next level? 

Our program isn't just your average coaching gig. It's a high-energy experience that's all about creating wealth and fulfilment. We're here to fuel your fire and crush your fears. Get ready to turn those 'what ifs' into 'f*ck yes!’.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your application in! 
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What will you have access to?

Weekly 90 minute LIVE group strategy sessions with Danielle and her team of consultants via Zoom. 

Mondays 2pm AEST

Direct access to a multi-million dollar CEO. You want to watch people that have done what you're wanting to do. Success leaves clues!

24/7 access to your coaches and your community of ambitious entrepreneurs through Telegram. You don't need to do it all on your own! 

Does this sound like you?
  • Decision-making paralysis? Learn strategies to confidently make the right choices for your business.
  • Ready to expand your team but unsure where to start? We'll guide you through hiring your first staff member.
  • Overwhelmed and underpaid? Let us help you regain control and increase your profitability.
  • Tired of going in circles? Our proven methods will set you on a clear path towards your goals.
  • Feel like you're stuck in a rut? Our coaching empowers you to make tangible progress and achieve real results.
  • Working hard but not seeing results? Our tailored strategies will ensure your efforts translate into profit.


Master Fear, Multiply Profits, and Lead with Unstoppable Confidence!

why the heck should you trust us?
While you procrastinate someone else has just been approved into the program
hear what our clients say.... 

Jade Murray

Lilly Rose Beauty


I was feeling so overwhelmed before the coaching. Danielle's taught me how to be more efficient with my time with batching my schedule. She's a whiz with tech, so has taught me how to use Timely better and somehow managed to make my love numbers. I have started using AI with her support, how I didn't use this sooner I don't know! I am feeling so motivated since taking on her coaching. My community is growing with collaborations and I am loving my business.

Isabella Outtram

Suka Skin


I just had my busiest time in my business since being in the coaching. I had a 147% growth! I just always felt more aligned to my vision after each coaching session. She has just helped me fall in love with the process. I've got more clarity on how to onboard staff and when I should be making the next move to buy my first clinic. Danielle has supported me on collaboration within the industry and resetting my values as an owner. She is a hype girl for sure!

Karen Formosa

Ultra Medi Spa


Danielle shares so much of her personal stuff she has been through within her coaching. She's really vulnerable when most people wouldn't share those things. She has taught me how to increase staff productivity and how to show up better as a leader. I loved her courageous conversations training and wish I had that sooner. When I joined the coaching I was just really tired and losing my passion, but I have fallen in love again. 

The Benefits

‚úĒ ¬†Overcome fear and decision-making obstacles

‚úĒ ¬†Build a sustainable business and avoid burnout

‚úĒ ¬†Confidence building and leadership development

‚úĒ ¬†Stand out and be a leader in your field

‚úĒ¬† ¬†Revenue growth strategies and profit maximisation

‚úĒ¬† ¬†Effective delegation and team management

‚úĒ¬† ¬†Utilising technology for scaling and productivity

Here are the membership options...

6 months access


Price will soon be increased to $175/w

  • 6 month contract¬†
  • Weekly LIVE strategy sessions¬†
  • 24/7 Telegram support
  • 3x Private Coaching Sessions¬†on Zoom with our CEO.¬†$1,497 value
  • Charged on a monthly payment plan of $477/m

12 month VIP access


Price will soon be increased to $150/w

  • 12 month contract
  • Weekly LIVE strategy sessions¬†
  • 24/7 Telegram support
  • 6x Private Coaching Sessions¬†on Zoom with our CEO.¬†$2,994 value
  • Sales & Mindset Training FREE e-book that has helped Danielle build a confident team.¬†$1,999 value
  • TOTAL¬†SAVINGS OF $6,397
  • Pay in full for $5,200.

Faster traction and results

Improved delegation skills and team performance

Overcome fear of failure and start making confident decisions

Transition from a manager mindset to an owner mindset

Improved time management and organisation

Increased focus on personal growth rather than competition




This application process allows us to maintain a supportive and cohesive group dynamic, ensuring that all participants are committed to their growth journey and ready to actively engage in the program.

This curated approach enables us to foster a community of like-minded individuals who can learn from each other’s experiences and support one another’s progress.

Ultimately, our goal is to create a transformative environment where every participant can thrive and achieve their business objectives with confidence.

After you submit your application, one of our consultants will be in touch within 3-5 business days with the outcome.